T. rex mass death site, first in southern US, found at Utah monument

The Tyrannosaurus rex may not have been as solitary as we believed.

In a groundbreaking discovery of the primary T. rex mass dying website within the southern U.S., announced Monday by the Utah Bureau of Land Administration, scientists discovered proof of pack-like habits among the many well-known historic predator within the Grand Staircase-Escalante Nationwide Monument. 

“The brand new Utah website provides to the rising physique of proof displaying that tyrannosaurs had been complicated, massive predators able to social behaviors widespread in lots of their residing family members, the birds,” stated Dr. Joe Sertich, curator of dinosaurs on the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

“This discovery must be the tipping level for reconsidering how these prime carnivores behaved and hunted throughout the northern hemisphere throughout the Cretaceous.”

Previously, paleontologists have lengthy debated whether or not the massive dinosaurs lived and hunted alone or in teams.

Nonetheless, with different findings of pack formations in Alberta, Canada, and Montana, the Utah discovering might fossilize the idea of a social T. rex.

Within the Canadian discovery, 12 people discovered over 20 years in the past by Dr. Philip Currie, many scientists doubted T. rexes had the brainpower to arrange into something complicated and thought it was an remoted case. Montana’s website constructed upon the social principle, however now this third website might deliver extra certainty to the concept.

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